About Me

Benvenuto! Sono un cinese, io mi chiamo..

Justin Minggan Wei.

Yes, I do speak a tiny bit Italiano. Still wondering who am I?

First of all, I am not an ABC. (I'm not sure but) maybe in a potential process of becoming a TCK – that stands for Third Culture Kid. Beijing is home, and Boston is my second home. I graduated from China's best high school, The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China(人大附中), and currently struggling in Northeastern University at 360 Huntington Ave for a bachelor of arts degree in communication studies. Jerk, Nerd, Geek, etc. You can apply whatsoever description on to me, and it works.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention how to write my full name in my native language, Simplified Chinese: 魏明干

Check out my portfolio section, all of my works in a variety of fields are up.

Need to contact me? click here, I almost everywhere on the Internet. Also take a look at my blog, with many photography works aren't available under portfolio.