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On going project - the website is in a preview version and still under construction.

A website runs as an extension to Lobs Social Media Family, especially serves for LobsBoston.

Lobs Social Media Family

A series of micro-blog accounts broadcast local information in Simplified Chinese for a better reach to the Chinese population. Currently in home: @LobsBoston + @LobsRome + @LobsNEU + @LobsBU + @LobsBrandeis …and now the LobsBoston.com is under construction.

Publications for Northeastern University Chinese Students and Scholars Association

Posters + Flyers + Program Guides for the Mid-Autumn Festival Gala Night @ Fenway Center held on September 30th by Northeastern University Chinese Students and Scholars Association.

Short Documentary for American Institute for Roman Culture

A co-production in a four-person crew around the topic of Ancient Rome.

Photography of the Year

This year: 135 films + EOS 500D


To be listed..